Masszázs és egészség?

THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE NOT ONLY CONSIDER THEIR WORKPLACE A SOURCE OF INCOME but they think there are more opportunities where they can build relationships, develop personality and self, and identity, thus the workplace is a significant socialspace.

The work significantly affects our health, and social well-being.

We can prevent accidents, occupational diseases if we develop healthy workplaces, transfer knowledge, raise interests, spread the methods, which help us to live in a healthy way. (Health-conscious behavior and lifestyle) This affects other spheres of life.

The methods of Xantos Mobile Massage Ltd. can be realized in your office room as well as at your workplace.

massage and healthOur program

Our masseurs are going to appear in your office at a pre- arranged time, usually at the same time, once a week
where the masseurs will carry out the treatment in the space designated by the employer (surgery, office, meeting room). The program will go smoothly soon, but our qualified and skilled staff are also monitoring it continuously. The arrangement of time and number of participants as well as the internal distribution of the program is always carried out by an employee of the company in the most efficient way.

The various treatments offered at the office/workplace focus on the upper part of the body with a tailor made massage chair due to its ergonomy, and include back, waist, head, and neck, and shoulders, arms and hands treatment. The treatment happens in a collapsible chair which is designed to help relieve head, shoulders, and neck and throat segments. Our expert therapeutist/colleague appears at the company or workplace at a prearranged time, and carries out the fast and efficient treatment with the help of a movable chair.

A basic treatment requires 15 minutes of work time,
which corresponds to a long coffee or cigarette break.

The treatment happens while our customers are fully dressed (in daily clothes) the result is that the workers will return to work refreshed mentally and physically.

The office/workplace massage mechanism and effectiveness are indisputable, supported by expert medical opinions and are absolutely recommended.