Payment options

  1. The company covers the cost of services in 100%.
  2. The service fee is shared with the employees, the distribution ratio is determined by the employer.
  3. Employees cover the cost of 100%. The employer provides the opportunity.
  4. Either the employer or the employee pays the service fee, it is possible to use Széchenyi card payment terminals and card acceptance.
  5. Credit card acceptance.
  6. Erzsébet utalvány acceptance.
  7. Funding through the voluntary health schemes.


Széchenyi Card

We accept Széchenyi Card for the whole service of the Xantos Mobile Massage & SPA.


Payment options


Erzsébet utalvány and Erzsébet utalvány plusz

We accept Erzsébet utalvány for the whole service of the Xantos Mobile Massage & SPA.

Erzsébet utalvány

Erzsébet utalvány plusz


Health insurance funds

We have partners we have already contracted with, but we are also willing to contract the Health Fund you are contract with.


Health fund cards adopted by the Xantos Mobile Massage & SPA:


1 1 1 1
1 Wellness Health Fund 1 1
1 ujpiller_transp 1











Members of the health insurance funds please contact the responsible fund before you use the services, where you can get detailed information about which services can be purchased tax-free, which are reimbursed by the health fund and about the way of payment.

Information about our prices here.



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