The Xantos Mobile Massage Ltd. was founded in Budapest in 2009, with the aim of health education, expanding the health-conscious lifestyle, and introducing and applying the benefits and economic efficiency of development of workplace health.

In the 21st century leading companies base their competitive advantage on new technologies, and on the rapid following of trends, however, still on the workforce, i. e. human beings. How a company (your company) treats people, own employees or present and future customers, says a lot of things about the company. Responsible thinking a respectable, social status, the preservation and enhancement of the value of labor force- provide a major and competitive advantage in an age where it only takes a mouse click to use the services of another company.

Our firm realized that relaxation therapies play a big role in the development of workplace performance and the maintenance of the general feeling of well being and positive energy, as a result of which the company can gain economic benefit, which focuses on health promotion at the workplace.

A key part of our mission is to reduce workplace stress, to improve the workplace performance and prevention. Our wider goals are valuable and constructive relationships built with the customer, those companies who rely on us in realizing their goals through their outstanding employee and customer relationships. Massage therapists, for example our staff focus on professionalism. They do everything in order that the chair massage in the office, during an event will be relaxing, stimulating, memorable and effective. We know that our massage therapists represent your company both toward internal employees and external customers so we take this responsibility very seriously.




Xantos Mobile Massage - health   Xantos Mobile Massage - health


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