Within the confines of the manager yoga classes at Xantos Mobile Massage Ltd., it is possible to experience the blissful influences of yoga more intensively, since the classes are personalised and they are followed with attention by the thoughtful and professional yoga teacher.

menedzser jóga - Manager yogaThis method of yoga combines the personal and workplace yoga, a more thoughtful and improved version of them, which suits to the schedules of the managers very pliantly.

To save time for you, we hold the classes at your home, or at your workplace or office, where we make the yoga practises by a direct and personalised instruction in 90-120 minutes. There is a possibility of training consultations and practices for the advanced trainers.We suggest a 3 x 5 hours long intensive yoga course for beginners or re-beginners.

We form the traditional yoga class, the yoga poses (asanas), the breath-controlling practices (pranayamas) and the date by the personal requests. We form the asanas and pranayamas considering the level of the personal physical fitness and stress, the health and the aims, so this way we can move more effectively with practising yoga and extending knowledge. Our particular and individual service is that the participants can experience the influences of the quantum creams, the volatile oils and the flowers which can deepen the quality of the treat and the energy level.

Dr. Szabó Anikó Ganga traditional and Sivananda head yoga teacher leads the manager yoga classes. She has not just the basic knowledge  and a lot of experience in her profession, but she is a very humane and empathic person. Anikó, who leads the yoga classes at many other companies of ours, has been teaching yoga for beginners, advanced and future yoga teachers for 13 years. Since 2007, she has experienced a lot in being a breathing trainer by working with people who is asthmatic or allergic. Moreover, she is one of the members of the Hungarian Yoga Teachers’ Association.

You can choose the date of the practice, so this way there is a possibility of choosing appointments early in the morning (between 5 and 8 am) or late in the evening (between 7 and 9 pm). You can choose the place of the occasion so you can feel not just the positive impact of yoga but you can save time as well. It can help preparing yourself for an intensive work-day in the morning, and can help deducing stress in the evening.

Beside of those benefits above, you can do manager yoga with therapeutic aims, aligned with the personal health challenges. During the occasions for groups, you can not have such a chance to try those accurate and personalised exercises and breathing methods that you can try immediately by doing manager yoga.

The benefits of the manager yoga:

  • helps in individual goals (stress management, improving of attention focus, muscle strenghtenings, doing systemathic strechings)
  • personalised occasions
  • more attention if you have special needs because of any kind of injuries or illnesses
  • analysing and correcting the asanas after the conformation
  • the appointments are acting upon the daily schedule
  • 90, 120 or for advanced trainers 60 minutes long occasions
  • the personal and regular yoga pratising can be shaped more easily and sooner
  • individual time schedule, so you don’t have to aligned to others just to yourself
  • the advanced trainers have opportunities for discussions and corrections
  • you have the chance to improve in your own speed
  • discussing the personalised lifestyle tips
  • approaching asthma by yoga
  • approaching allergy by yoga
  • approaching panic disorder by yoga
  • approaching burnout problems by yoga
  • yoga exercises supported by scents, creams and flowers
  • yoga exercises in consideration of the chakras



  • 5 x 3 hours long or 3 x 5 hours long preparatory yoga classes: 79.990 HUF
  • 90 minutes (in the V., VI., VII., and XIII. districts  to Árpád Bridge): 13.990 HU
  • 90 minutes (in the other districts of Budapest): 15.990 HUF
  • 120 minutes (in the V., VI., VII., and XIII. districts  to Árpád Bridge): 17.490 HUF
  • 120 minutes (in the other districts of Budapest): 19.490 HUF
  • 60 minutes for advanced trainers: 11.000 HUF

Payment options:

  • The company covers the cost in 100%.
  • The service fee is shared with the employees, the distribution ratio is determined by the employer.
  • Employees cover the cost of 100%. The employer provides the opportunity.
  • Either the employer or the employee pays the service fee, it is possible to use Széchenyi card payment terminals and card acceptance.
  • Credit card acceptance.
  • Erzsébet utalvány acceptance.
  • Funding through the voluntary health schemes


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