For Xantos Mobile Massage Ltd. health prevention was always an important issue.  The induction of our new yoga service is a new curiosity in between our facilities. We would highly recommend this new service for all of you since yoga can makes you feel free after a long and busy day and can help relieving stress efficiently.

A munkahelyi jóga keretében csoportos lehetőség van a jóga áldásos hatásait megtapasztalni, és élvezni a csoportdinamika segítő lendületét a jógaoktató folyamatos, szakértő figyelmével kísérve. Fotó: Kevin Frayer Workplace yogaDr. Szabó Anikó Ganga traditional and Sivananda head yoga teacher leads the workplace yoga classes. She has not just the basic knowledge  and a lot of experience in her profession, but she is a very humane and empathic person. Anikó, who leads the yoga classes at many other companies of ours, has been teaching yoga for beginners, advanced and future yoga teachers for 13 years. Since 2007, she has experienced a lot in being a breathing trainer by working with people who is asthmatic or allergic. Moreover, she is one of the members of the Hungarian Yoga Teachers’ Association.

The classes take place in the same room where the office chair massage is. We accomplish these yoga classes in groups, or with personalised orders in 90 or 120 minutes. We can offer a 8 x 2 hours long yoga course for beginners or for re-beginners with minimum 6-8 participants.

We form the traditional yoga class, yoga poses (asanas) and tha breath-controlling practices (pranayamas) in a widely tested way. Our particular and individual service is that the participants can experience the influences of the quantum creams, the volatile oils and the flowers which can deepen the quality of the treat and the energy level.

The benefits of workplace yoga:

  • There is a chance of practicing yoga right after work to lessen the daily stress.
  • You don’t have to travel and spend time with choosing the appropriate yoga group and to get there.
  • The deep assay and correction of the asanas after the set-up supporting it by the dinamic strenght of the group.
  • The chance of the 90-120 minutes long classes.
  • The personal and systematic yoga practicing can be developed more easily.
  • We can provide opportunities for expectant mothers with modified exercises.
  • Yoga practices supported by scents, creams and flowers.
  • Yoga practices in consideration of the chakras.
  • Chakra meditation, a refreshing, energetic and charger service in 30-60 minutes.

The types and prices of the yoga classes:

  • 8 x 2 hours long preparatory yoga classes: 21.000 HUF/ person
  • chakra meditation in 30 minutes: 1000 HUF/ person
  • chakra meditation in 60 minutes: 2000 HUF/ person
  • group prices in 90 minutes (at least for 6-8 people): 1950 HUF/ person
  • group prices in 120 minutes (at least for 6-8 people): 2450 HUF/person
  • personal yoga-workshop forming at workdays on-demand
  • conference yoga (sitting or standing yoga practises without changing your clothes)

Payment options:

  • The company covers the cost in 100%.
  • The service fee is shared with the employees, the distribution ratio is determined by the employer.
  • Employees cover the cost of 100%. The employer provides the opportunity.
  • Either the employer or the employee pays the service fee, it is possible to use Széchenyi card payment terminals and card acceptance.
  • Credit card acceptance.
  • Erzsébet utalvány acceptance.
  • Funding through the voluntary health schemes.


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