mobil spa

The original meaning of the word “Spa” – “Salus per aqua” comes from Latin: health gained from water.

While wellness is a comprehensive interpretation, the spa is about beauty gained from water, healthy and calmness. So – called spa experience is offered by many wellness centres, hotels, spas, beauty parlors where we can find various services for our own health (massages, body winding, bath services, manicure, pedicure, dietary advice) and also a number of body and soul pampering services.

However, the mobile spa offers even more. It completes the spa experience with the intimate atmosphere of home and an approach considering the individual’s body and spirit to the maximum extent.

When and for who is it recommended?

Excellent for getting over the tired and stressful period of your life, restoration of spiritual balance, temporarily upset, special (difficult, painful movement) physical problems, strengthening self- esteem or simply to achieve increased attention to ourselves.

We can make a surprise as a gift for smaller family programs, birthdays, name-days, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, hen party or difficult days of pregnancy. Moreover the mobile spas take the spa experience to the elderly and people who are limited in their mobility. But the attention, the pampering and some minutes from the real world, don’t’ have to happen because of something, for special reasons away.

Feel like sometimes you deserve this and the Xantos mobile spa can take the hotels, spas, beauty salons and healthy living atmosphere into your home.

The services are always personalized and unique which is specifically adapted to your needs.