Mobil masszázs

For more energetic work

Sitting down in front of our computers, even 8-9 hours can be interpreted as punishment, but our body adapts to monotony politely. Working in the same body position for a long time is extreme stress for the body and soul, it can either overload some parts of our body or spare others causing inactiveness. The spine gets twisted, the feet and the veins of the stomach swell up, visceral organs are squashed, the muscles become stiffer. These problems can be reduced significantly by the use of mobile massages.


Discreet, professional, effective

The office massage is a short time method that has an effect on the physical and mental vitality. It re-energises the over used body parts, and increases the blood flow of the inactive, bad circulation body parts at the same time, through its biological effect.


Xantos Mobile Massage- waistPays attention to the back (trapez-muscle, musculature beside a spine)

Incorrect posture, sitting a lot, everyday stress and continuous concentration pressure on the upper back area often causes stiffness of muscles and pain. These problems can cause migraine headaches and back pain problems in the long run. Apart from regular and frequent sport massage is the method which is the best way to reduce and prevent these problems and complaints.


Pays Attention to the waist (deep back muscles, lumbar square muscle)

Experience shows that most chairs aren’t adequate for the long-sitting posture at work. Sitting is an “unnatural” posture. The consequence is: painful waist! Strengthening the deep back muscles and keeping them in proper condition is in the interest of everyone. The solution to alleviate the tension of lumbar muscles is the masseur’s task.


Xantos Mobile MassagePays attention to the neck and shoulders (neck muscles, shoulder girdle muscles)

Neck muscles and shoulder girdle muscles become stiff and spasmodic because of the excessive concentration, stress and bad, posture, thus exerting pressure on the walls of veins which transport fresh blood to the brain and oxygen on the way back. Problems arisen from these (headache, reduced ability to concentrate, increased reaction time) can be treated by massaging the neck in an excellent way.


Pays attention to the arm (upper arm, forearm, hands, muscles, fingers, wrist, palm dip)

During all day computer usage, not only the hand and fingers but the whole arm is exposed to high strain. The blood flow slows down; the metabolites can’t leave the muscles. The consequences might range from tiredness to tendonitis.

We don’t claim to be more than we are.
The Office Mobile Massage is not a substitute for sports. However, considering its character and effect, it’s the best stress releasing and regenerating service that anyone could ever get at their workplace.



As a first step take advantage of our free demonstration massage at your workplace!

Upon request we give you a free 1.5 to 2 hours long demonstration session,
during which you can experience the beneficial effects of our massage at a time convenient for you.

The demonstration session entails no obligations.

We hope that you are interested in our service,
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